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One Hitters
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What Is a One Hitter?

A one hitter is a small, compact pipe that’s designed to hold approximately one hit’s worth of herb. These handy pieces are quite versatile and tend to be made from a variety of different materials (most commonly metal or glass). Usually, they are shaped like a straight tube. They’re honestly quite simple! With a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other, you’ll get the straightforward and efficient smoke sesh you’ve been searching for.

Some are beautifully handcrafted from blown glass, so if it’s vibrant colors and intricate designs you’re after, then you’re in for a real treat. There are also more discreetly-designed one hitters (for example, some resemble cigarettes). These discreet designs are great for people who are on the go and don’t want to attract too much attention to themselves while smoking in public. A lot of novice smokers don’t know that there are two different types namely chillums and dugouts.

Let’s go into a bit more detail about these types below:


Traditionally, when smoking a chillum, one would smoke it vertically by creating a fist and placing the piece between their middle and ring fingers. By forming an opening with your index finger, you’ll be able to inhale the smoke and experience a direct and intense hit. Chillums can also be smoked horizontally like a regular pipe, so they’re a flexible option for those who are newer to smoking.


Dugouts consist of two chambers — one for storing a small amount of pre-ground flower and one for housing the one hitter. To use a dugout, all you have to do is pull out the one hitter and twist it into the chamber to pack your herb. A one hitter dugout tends to be super compact and discreet, so if you’re looking for one that’s especially portable, you should keep this type in mind.

With a dugout, you can have your flower and one hitter neatly stored in one device. This is what makes it such a convenient companion for adventures or nights out on the town.

Main Differences Between a One Hitter & Traditional Pipe

The main differences between a one hitter and a traditional pipe lie in their size, the amount of herb they’re able to hold, their design, and portability. They also tend to have different cleaning requirements. One hitters are designed to hold just a small amount of flower and are super easy to clean. Traditional pipes, with their larger size, are designed for longer smoking sessions and are often quite nice to look at. They also require more maintenance than one hitters do.

Let’s take a closer look at the main distinctions between these two types of pieces below:


One of the most noticeable differences between a one hitter and a traditional pipe is the size and capacity of these smoking pieces. Traditional pipes are generally larger, so it makes sense that they’re able to hold a more significant amount of flower.

A traditional pipe is ideal when you’re smoking with friends, whereas one hitters are better for solo smoke sessions. Because one hitters are smaller, they’re a lot more discreet, so it may be the ideal option if you’re trying to decide what to bring to your friend’s birthday party.


What many smokers love about traditional pipes is that they tend to feature intricate designs and incredibly creative craftsmanship. They come in a lot of different shapes (takes spoon pipes and Sherlock pipes, for instance), and are usually made from materials like glass, wood, metal, stone, or ceramic.

One hitters also come in a lot of different designs and can be just as beautiful as traditional pipes. They do tend to be a little more straightforward and minimalistic, though, since their design focuses more on efficiency.


One hitters are designed with portability in mind. Traditional pipes on the other hand? Not so much. Because of their compact size, they can easily fit into pockets, purses, or backpacks. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, concerts, or just walking around the block with your cousins before Thanksgiving dinner.

Traditional pipes, while not as portable, can still be carried in a purse or backpack, but you’ll need to be a lot more careful when it comes to storing and handling them.

Smoking Experience

As we mentioned before, they are specifically engineered to give you a single hit, meaning you’ll be able to ensure that your smoke sessions are both quick and controlled. If you prefer to smoke just a small amount of herb (or like taking a quick hit here and there when you’re on the go), a one hitter will likely provide the no-fuss experience you’re looking for.

Traditional pipes, since they have larger bowls and longer stems, allow for a longer smoke session. It can be a little overwhelming to finish a whole bowl on your own, though, so we’d recommend sticking to a one hitter during solo sessions (especially if you’re a first-timer).


When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, one hitters have the advantage of being relatively easy to clean. This is because they’re much smaller and have fewer parts than traditional pipes do. You can quickly soak your one hitter in a cleaning solution to clean it. Be sure to do this otherwise, the built-up residue could negatively affect your smoking experience.

Why Should You Use a One Hitter?

One hitters have grown in popularity in recent years, mainly because of their convenient design and unbeatable portability factor. The discrete nature allows for completely inconspicuous consumption. If you’re in a public setting or are hanging out with people who may not be as receptive to smoking herb, you should be able to take a puff or two from your one hitter without making a scene.

For example, a lot of one hitters look like cigarettes, especially from a distance. No judgmental looks from strangers on the street! It’s also worth mentioning that they deliver short, quick puffs of smoke, so you won’t have to worry too much about the lingering smells that typically come with smoking joints or traditional pipes.

Using a one hitter pipe is not only convenient, but it also makes appropriate dosing a lot easier. As stated previously, they allow users to smoke small amounts of flower, which can be particularly beneficial when it comes to rationing your herb supply (if say, you’re waiting to hit up the dispensary until you get your next paycheck, for example). Also, for those who prefer micro-dosing, one hitters can offer a more precise way to track your consumption, which means you’ll get to have more control over your smoking sessions.

Glass one hitters can also be used to sample new strains. If your friend offers you a hit from their pipe, you might not enjoy it but feel obligated to help them finish the bowl. This is not the case for one hitters! They are, of course, a “one and done” type of deal, so if you don’t like a particular strain after taking a hit, you can simply say “no thank you” and refill it with a strain that’s more up your alley. As you can see, the benefits are pretty much endless. We can’t recommend them enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a one hitter pipe?

The one-word answer to this question is simply “convenience.” With a one hitter, you can easily and discreetly take a puff whenever you want to, no matter where you are (within reason, of course). You can also control the amount of herb you’re smoking, which is why a lot of novice smokers tend to enjoy using them over traditional pipes.

There’s no pressure to finish an entire bowl, and you usually won’t have to worry about getting “too high.” To sum it up, the point of a one hitter is to provide smokers with a compact and inconspicuous smoking experience in comparison to other smoking devices.

What is the difference between a pipe and a one hitter?

When it comes to comparing a one hitter and a traditional pipe, the differences are quite stark. As stated before, a one hitter is smaller and tends to feature some sort of dugout (rather than a full-sized bowl). When smoking a traditional bowl, you’ll certainly need to use more dry herb, as the bowl will be bigger (and is designed for more than just one hit).

As we already mentioned, one hitters also tend to be easier to clean because they don’t have a lot of different, complicated parts. They’re more discreet as well — you’ll have a much easier time keeping your smoke sesh on the down-low with a one hitter than you will with a traditional pipe.

Will a one hitter smell?

While one hitters do smell a little, the aroma is not nearly as obnoxious as that of a joint or bong. Once you exhale the smoke from one, there will be a noticeable aroma in the air — which may admittedly bother some people.

If you have any concerns about the smell, though, you can always exhale the smoke through a sploof or simply have your smoking sessions outside. Your roommates will undoubtedly thank you for it!

Are one hitters worth it?

Most smoking enthusiasts agree that one hitters are absolutely worth it. Not only does it make micro-dosing easier, but it’s a discreet way to take a hit here and there when you’re walking down the street or hanging out in your car during your lunch break at work. They are especially praised by newbies, as they’re not too overwhelming and don’t come with the commitment of finishing an entire bowl or bong rip.

Chances are, you’ll also save a lot of money by investing in one as traditional pipes frankly waste a lot of herb due to the uneven distribution of the ground flower in the bowl (and then you’re left smoking a bunch of nasty-tasting ash). SMOKEA® offers an extensive range of one hitters — so whether you’re looking for a glass, metal, or one that looks like a cigarette, we’ve got you covered! We honestly can’t think of a more convenient way to enjoy your herb.