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Happy 7/10: Five Ways to Celebrate Dab Day

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Did you know that 7/10 is International Oil Day, or “dab day,” as it’s colloquially called? That’s right, July 10th is the day to enjoy your favorite dabs in solidarity with your fellow dabbers. We wrote this guide to how this auspicious day got started and five ways you can celebrate.

Why 7/10?

This one has a super simple answer: if you flip the date 710 upside down and backwards, it looks like the word “oil.” That’s it. That’s how the day was chosen.

Formal celebrations likely came about thanks to the 710 Cup and really only grew in popularity within the last decade. (Rumors say 7/10 began in 2012.) But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Happy 7/10: the History

Like most holidays and especially ones related to smoking, no one really knows how 7/10 became dab day. Urban Dictionary has an entry from back in 2010 but it wasn’t associated with hash oil until the next few years.

Some people credit TaskRok from Highly Educated, because he claimed he coined the idea in an industry chat with peers. However, he also lays no claim to the day now, giving the community free rein with the idea.

7/10 appears to have gained traction when folks tried to push the use of concentrates into the mainstream. Then, in true 7/10 day style, LA Weekly ran a short article called “710 is the new 420” in July 2013, the same year the 710 Cup was first celebrated. The rest, as they say, is dabbing history.

5 Ways to Celebrate 7/10

Okay, enough backstory. Here are five ways you can celebrate dab day.

1. Dab at 7:10am/pm

Obviously, to celebrate a day dedicated to the art of dabbing, you should, well, dab. If you want to be precise about it, enjoy your concentrates at 7:10am or 7:10pm to double up on your numericals.

2. Use Hashtags

If you want to broadcast your love for 710 day, consider posting your dab with the popular hashtags #710Life, #710Society, or simply #710.

3. Try a New Concentrate

There’s nothing wrong with using your tried-and-true materials, but if you want to branch out, try something new. A new flavor or method of dabbing could be just the ticket.

4. Speaking of New…

… try a new method! If you usually dab the traditional way with a solid rig, consider a nectar collector or vape pen. Or switch it up completely with an edible made from concentrates.

5. Gather with Fellow Dabbers

Consider wishing your fellow dabbers a happy 7/10 day together. You can even gather virtually if that’s a better way to share your love of dab day.

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